Model. FDV
Plates measures:cm. 180 x 90 each
irong plate (inch 71 x 36)
The machine is equipped two plates for preparing the sweater and with only
one plate for pressing,wich moves itself automatically by sizer guide, in this
way allowing to work on the other side so eliminating waste of time.
It is possible automatically regulate: ironing time; ironing temperature;
ironing pressure; susction time;starting and timing of streaming.
Mod FDV is equipped with two powerfull newly designed elecrical fan,
in this way the two plates are completely autonomous. In respect of the
traditional press this machine has a double closing device of the plate (2 pistons with a double pneumatic loop). In this way we are able to obtain a
high ironing pressure and an absolute security for the worker.
Mod. FDV is also available for connection to a centralized steam generator.Mod FDV is with 1 or 2 electric or gas boilers inside.If requested the machine can be supplied with plates heated by steam and by
Machine without steam generator with plates electrically heated - KW 4.5
Machine fully heated by steam KW 0.9
Lt. 50 minute
Lt. 50 minute - 30 Kg/h - 3,5 Kg/cmq - Steam connection a 1/2" - Lenght: cm.384 (inch 151) -Dept: cm. 134 (inch 53)
Height:cm.180 (inch71) - Weight:Kg.650 about
Note:On mod. FDV special attention has been given to security for the workers.

Small light
Machines equipped with small lights which can be directed in each way and thron luminous marks on the worktop. Riguardo al numero di faretti da utilizzare non ci sono limitazioni.

Body shape
This device allows to put automatically in size the item to be ironed.