PRE-IRONING \\ Mod. PRESTIRO per pelli
This model has been created for the tractement of leather items.It's equipped with a sliding strip on fixed upper plate with regulating height.
The speed of the strip can be regulated according to the need. The machine is equipped with:worktop, 1' lower sucking plate, upper steaming plate, 2? Lower sucking plate.
The introduction of the item in performed on the worktop.The treatment is performed by the first lower plate and the upper plate; both plates are steancheated.
The upper plate is devide into 4 sections for the different kinds of steaming.The first lower plate pucks the steam.
The distance between the two plates can be regulated.
The second lower plate dries the item.For the piling is necessary the presence of on operator but it can also be possible to equipped this machine with an automatic piling device.
Worktop: cm 90/140/180/220.
The machine can be connected to a centralized steam generator.