This machine is equipped a 300 x 100 cm. Worktop where 12,500 holes have been bored to insert needles.
The horizontal pitch of holes is 10 mm,and the vertical pitch is 22,5mm;this feature allows the making of all sizes.
The worktop is steam-heated and is fitted with a very powerfu suction device that can
automatically and continuously change the number of revolutions in order to adapt the suction
power to the different stages of the steaming and cutting process. The worktop can also be
tilted to make cloth positionning easier. The upper steam-heated and steaming plate moves over
the cloths sliding along the short sides of the lower plate. Cloths are pinned down by needles.
The plate speed may be adjusted, and the steaming stage can be performed both during the
forward and the backward stoke to set the desired duration of the steaming stage.
Needles are mobile in order to allow for height adjustment.The upper steaming plate follows
the motion of needles in order to keep a constant steaming distance even when the height of
the cloth unit increases.The machine is equipped with a "SORVOCUT" system to balance and train the cutter.
The machine is also fitted with a cloth feeder that automatically and practically passes to
operators the cloths that are to be machined.

Automatic fieers for lenghts of material
This application, formed by a plate placed over the cepper plate,make the putting of cloth on the lower plate easier and nuor comportable.
When started, the plate with the knitwear moves forward to the operator so that he can take the knitwear then it moves backword to she initial position.
The pause time can be regulated. The numeb of fabrics is controlled by a two a counters:one is placed on the moving plate the other on the control panel.