This machine was realized for the pre-ironing and cutting of the cloths.
It's equipped with a bored lower plate and with an upper plate (both measure cm 300 x 100).
The worker can insert as many needles as the needs to fix the cloth.
The horizontal pich of holes is mm 10 and the vertical pitch is mm 22,5.
The number of holes is 12513 (1455 of them have got a larger diameter).
The machine is equipped with a cutter which can easily move an the worktop thanks to a mobile arm.
The lower plate is devided into 8 indipendent parts; with pneumatic movement of the needles and a fixed part.
On demand the fixed part can be subsostituded with two pneumatic parts.
The steaming and sucking time can be programmed as you prefer and also the movements of the plates can be completely automatic.

Automatic fieers for lenghts of material
This application, formed by a plate placed over the cepper plate,make the putting of cloth on the lower plate easier and nuor comportable.
When started, the plate with the knitwear moves forward to the operator so that he can take the knitwear then it moves backword to she initial position.
The pause time can be regulated. The numeb of fabrics is controlled by a two a counters:one is placed on the moving plate the other on the control panel.