This models has been realized in order to iron knitted fabrics with rolled selvages and cloths weaved by cotton loom or flat machines.
In this way there's no need of basting and ironing with traditional machines, before cutting.
This machine assures unrolling, steaming, fixing and dreying of the cloth or single piece, this allowing the assembling or cutting.
The upper and lower transport cloths aliways move at the some speed avoiding the displacement of the knitted fabrics.
The transport speed can be regulated alectonically and with continuity.
The machine is equipped with:unrolling plate;1 lower roning plate; upper ironing, steaming plate; 2 lower suckin plate.

Equipment to open the cloth
This application has been creatd with special regard to the ironing of knitted fabrics with rolled selvedges and allows to keep the cloth unrolled and at the right size.
The ironing, after the introduction of the cloth, is completely automatic.The cloth is unrolled with regulable speed and also the distance of the two slide guides can be regulated.